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We are a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the DOS versions of Tim Strykers revolutionary BBS software.

MajorBBS History

Galacticomm was incorporated on July 23, 1985 to initially run a network of multi-user game systems. In 1986, Galacticomm developed the Model-16 (16 modem modules on one expansion card) and Galacticomm Software Breakthrough Library (GSBL, engineer-oriented toolkit for multi-user applications). In 1986, Galacticomm also wrote Version 1.0 of The Major BBS as an in-house demo of the Model-16 and released Version 2.0 as shareware. The first commercial sale of The Major BBS occurred in 1987 with the introduction of Version 4.0 ($59) and third-party developers also began writing add-on utilities and games.

Version 5.0 of The Major BBS was released in 1988. The GalactiBox (a 16-slot COM 1-4 expansion chassis) was developed the same year. In 1989, Version 5.07 unveiled new "extended editions" such as the Entertainment, File Library, MenuMan, and Shopping Mall. Direct-connect for X.25 packet-switch networks (256 simultaneous users) was also developed in 1989. Version 5.2 offered BBSETUP for automatic hardware detection and configuration, and optional protected mode support in 1990. Also manufactured at this time was the GalactiBoard, an 8-port serial card with 16550 UARTs.

Galactic Innovations, a third-party development firm led by Scott Brinker (currently Galacticomm president), was acquired by Galacticomm in 1991. The Major Database, Dial-Out, Kyrandia, and other utilities and multi-user games were directly offered by Galacticomm as a result of the acquisition. In 1991, Galacticomm released Version 5.3 which offered Novell NetWare LAN support.

The Major BBS Version 6.0 ($259) implemented a major architectural shift in 1992 with native protected mode operation and source code-free integration of add-ons. This allowed system operators to easily add products from Galacticomm and third-party developers without requiring recompilation of the base system. In 1993, Galacticomm launched Version 6.1 which offered online graphics capability and enhanced support for Microsoft Windows. Currently shipping Version 6.2 with integrated RIPscrip, QWK-mail, rewritten file library and polling services. In 1994, Galacticomm was one of the largest BBS software providers in the world.

The Galacticomm mission statement is "To do really cool things in the field of computer communications and make a buck at it."


4/25/2016 - Coming soon VM's of a MajorBBS install running from a NetWare volume with BTRIEVE operations offloaded onto BREQUEST and a HOWTO on running MajorBBS in DOSEMU curtsy of Nexace.

4/20/2016 - Vircom DMA Server activation code RELEASED! (Thanks Nexace!)

MajorBBS Packages

Unofficial packages created by various members of the MajorBBS community.

MajorBBS Entertainment Edition

MajorBBS "Entertainment Edition" is an easy to use DOS 6.22 VM with pre-loaded modules and custom menus. Simply read readme.txt, boot and configure network info. Released 4/14/14.

MBBSEE VMware Image MBBSEE VirtualBox Image

v6.25 Master ISO Archive

The v6.25 Master ISO Archive was a package released by Blixel containing everything required to build a virgin MajorBBS v6.25 system with development kit and MajorTCP. The instructions are well written and have been used to install MajorBBS on DOS, DOSBox, VMWare, Xen, and NTVDM. Released 9/1/2013.

MajorBBS v6.25 Master ISO Archive.7z

The following "shortcut" packages were created to help speed up the process of getting a clean MajorBBS system running. Steps 1-6, 8 and 9 of Bixel's instructions have been completed. You only need to load the VM and follow step 7 (network configuration) of the instructions. These are mainly for people who don't have the time to install DOS, Borland C, Pharlap 286, and compile MajorBBS.

MajorBBS v6.25 on DOS 6.22 VM MajorBBS v6.25 on DOSBOX Worldgroup v2 on DOS 6.22 VM

MajorBBS Addon CD

The Addon CD was created as a companion to Blixel's Master ISO Archive. While the Master ISO Archive is by far the best way to start your BBS it only comes with MajorTCP. The Addon CD contains 50 modules that can be installed once you've built your MajorBBS system. Released 11/12/2013.

MajorBBS Addon CD v7.7z

TechZonk MajorBBS DOSBox

If you came here after watching the TechZonk videos here or here and want to run MajorBBS in DOSBox then download this archive: BBSV6.TechZonk.7z. Use the BBSV6 directory in the archive at instead of the old MBBS4EVER one at the 6 minute mark then ignore the steps between 6 and 16 minutes. Based on the 04/14/2014 Entertainment Edition release.

If you plan to run this long term consider using one of the VMware VM's. DOSBox is quick and easy but not suited for running MBBS 24/7.

v5.31 Master ISO Archive

The v5.31 Master ISO Archive was a package released by Blixel containing everything required to build a virgin 16 node MajorBBS v5.31 system with development kit and several game addons only available on v5.31. It is a interesting part of MajorBBS history because v5.31 did not support dynamically loaded modules and new addons must be compiled into the system.

As with the v6.25 Master ISO Archive the instructions are well written and have been used to install v5.31 on VMWare, Virtualbox and real hardware. Released 8/26/2017.

Included addons:

  • Androids!
  • Quest for Magic
  • Forbidden Lands 1: The City of Falchon
  • Forbidden Lands 2: The Vale of Grimyre
  • Sea Battle
  • Super Nova
  • Robowars II
  • Gaiasys MenuMan Expander
  • ProStar Global Commands

MajorBBS v5.31 Master ISO Archive (Link 1) MajorBBS v5.31 Master ISO Archive (Link 2)

Old Packages

Various older MajorBBS/WG DOS releases.


MBBS4EVER was an early MajorBBS attempt at a distribution geared toward running MajorBBS v6.25 under NTVDM on XP/2K/NT. It includes a pre-built BBS with MajorTCP, SwsVpkt and a set of instructions detailing how to make it all work. Released 07/07/07.

Virtual Machine Screen Shots Original Archive


mbbsbox was more or less the same pre-built BBS from MBBS4EVER running under DOSBox and distributed as a .exe installer. It includes HAL9000's Megabuild of DOSBox, a set of new menus and additional modules. Released 12/23/10.

Virtual Machine Screen Shots Original Archive


MBBS4UNIX was a VM containing Slackware 2.3 with the ever-elusive Worldgroup 1.0 for UNIX installed. Released 02/13/11.

Updated VM Screen Shots Original VM

Enabling Vircom DMA server on MajorBBS/WG DOS

Due to the diligent efforts of Nexace who runs the popular Swords of Chaos FOREVER BBS! the community now has a valid activation code for the Vircom DMA server! If you are using MBBSEE, MBBS4EVER or any other MajorBBS/WG DOS install utilizing the 94675841 registration number the activation code to enable DMA server is: DU781135

If you are unsure how to configure and/or use the DMA server read pages 428 through 441 of the MajorTCP documentation (TCP200.DOC). Be sure to visit his BBS and thank Nexace for releasing one of the most sought after pieces of the MajorBBS puzzle.

To activate the DMA server from the MajorBBS Launch screen select:
Option 3 Security & Accounting -> Option DMACODE and enter DU781135

Active BBSes

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The Rockville Tavern BBS
The Nexus BBS!
Tele-Arena BBS Website

MajorBBS Software Archives

#bbswarez archive
yohan's archive
ODB's archive
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