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We are a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the DOS versions of Tim Strykers revolutionary BBS software.

The MajorBBS Emulator (MBBSEMU)

The MajorBBS Emulator (MBBSEMU) is an exciting new project created by lifelong MajorBBS aficionado Wndrbr3d. Written in .Net Core and C# the project's goal is to replicate the environment necessary to be binary compatible with the existing MBBS/WG1/2 module base. In a short period of time Wndrbr3d has implemented a telnet server, new user sign up and the functions needed to natively run GWW Archery, DialChat, Lunatix, Tele-Arena and T-LoRD modules! Aside from those the vast majority of modules init and API functionality is progressing rapidly.

If today in 2020 MajorBBS has a future MBBSEMU is it. By being binary compatible it fully preserves the modules we know and love exactly as they existed in 1996. For over 20 years myself and others have worked to keep MajorBBS running on modern systems for the sole purpose of having a platform to play these modules. MBBSEMU eliminates the headache of having to setup the MajorBBS DOS core and the pain of maintaining it. Future plans include encrypted access via SSH, eliminating the 256 node limit and online clean up.

I have personally known Wndrbr3d since the early 2000's and while the packages we've released are the combined efforts of many individuals he is by far the largest contributor. Without his love and his dedication it would not be possible to enjoy many of the MajorBBS modules we do today. His technical knowledge and understanding of the platform is unsurpassed by any except maybe it's creator.

MBBSEMU will revolutionize how we enjoy MajorBBS modules and ensure they remain available for decades to come. If the preservation of MajorBBS is important to you and you'd like to help please consider supporting the project. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated even if it's just reaching out and letting everyone know you're still here!

MBBSEmu Demo Sys

The latest bleeding edge release of MBBSEmu is always available on the Demo Sys and can be reached 24/7 by telneting to Feel free to make an account or just login as sysop to check things out. Keep in mind this ground zero for testing of new MBBSEmu builds so expect the unexpected!

MBBSEmu Links

Main Project Site
Support Page

MajorBBS History

MajorBBS was a DOS BBS software written by Timothy Striker in 1986. Tim had previously written several multiuser gaming systems and used his experience to create the GSBL and Model 16 modem card. The GSBL was a set of assembler comm routines that helped facilitate the rapid development of multiuser applications and the Model 16 was a single ISA card that contained 16 1200 baud modems. Both were quite revolutionary and focused on using COTS hardware at a time when these types of multiuser applications existed primarily on mainframes, mini's and mid's.

Initially created to showcase the GSBL and Model 16 by 1988 Tim was licensing more copies of MajorBBS than the GSBL. MajorBBS quickly reached v5 as the user-base continued to grow. The main limitation with the software at this point was that addon's had to be manually compiled which required users to purchase Borland C and have programming experience. Seeing this Tim implemented loadable module support which allowed addon's to be distributed as 16-bit binary NE DLL's no longer requiring users to purchase compilers and have programming experience just to operate the system.

In 1992 MajorBBS v6 was released and with the addition of loadable module support it's user-base sky-rocketed. By the end of 1994 Galacticomm had reportedly sold over 15000 copies of the software and would release 8 revisions that year. In December CEO Scott Brinker is interviewed by Inter@ctive magazine and publicly announces their new multimedia BBS software named "Project Victory". MajorBBS v6.25 was finally released on 1/11/1995 and would be the last version retaining the MajorBBS name.

1995 also saw the rapid growth of public internet access which drew a large percentage of its users from the BBS community. Like many BBS companies of the time Galacticomm held delusions that they could compete with the internet. Project Victory now renamed Worldgroup was publicly announced on January 30th and Worldgroup v1.0 would be released in May. In September v1.0.1 was released and Galacticomm switched from BC3.1 to BC4.5. All addon's compiled with BC4.5 were no longer compatible with previous MajorBBS/WG releases.

1996 was a very turblent year for BBSing and Galacticomm would see the exit of many long time ISV/TPD's along with scores of disgruntled sysops who had invested 10's of thousands into their systems only to be slapped in the face with massive architecture and price structure changes. In May Galacticomm would release Worldgroup 2.0 but BBSes as a whole were declining at an exponential rate. Tragically on August 6 at the age of 41 Tim took his own life in the mountains of Colorado.

After Tim's passing Galacticomm struggled on but with the loss of their visionary and droves of users leaving BBSes for the internet the company was destined for failure. They would go on to release Worldgroup v3 for DOS in 1997 and v3.12 in 1998 before abandoning DOS entirely. In 1999 Worldgroup v3.2 was released for Windows but before the end of 1999 Galacticomm would shut its doors. Over the next few years Galacticomm would change hands many times but was never able to regain the momentum they once had with MajorBBS.

In 2002 the company would ultimately file for bankruptcy and fade into the annals of time.

MajorBBS Packages

Unofficial packages created by various members of the MajorBBS community.

MajorBBS Entertainment Edition

MajorBBS "Entertainment Edition" is an easy to use DOS 6.22 VM with pre-loaded modules and custom menus. Simply read readme.txt, boot and configure network info. Released 4/14/14.

MBBSEE VMware Image MBBSEE VirtualBox Image

v6.25 Master ISO Archive

The v6.25 Master ISO Archive was a package released by Blixel containing everything required to build a virgin MajorBBS v6.25 system with development kit and MajorTCP. The instructions are well written and have been used to install MajorBBS on DOS, DOSBox, VMWare, Xen, and NTVDM. Released 9/1/2013.

MajorBBS v6.25 Master ISO Archive.7z

The following "shortcut" packages were created to help speed up the process of getting a clean MajorBBS system running. Steps 1-6, 8 and 9 of Bixel's instructions have been completed. You only need to load the VM and follow step 7 (network configuration) of the instructions. These are mainly for people who don't have the time to install DOS, Borland C, Pharlap 286, and compile MajorBBS.

MajorBBS v6.25 on DOS 6.22 VM MajorBBS v6.25 on DOSBOX Worldgroup v2 on DOS 6.22 VM

MajorBBS Addon CD

The Addon CD was created as a companion to Blixel's Master ISO Archive. While the Master ISO Archive is by far the best way to start your BBS it only comes with MajorTCP. The Addon CD contains 50 modules that can be installed once you've built your MajorBBS system. Released 11/12/2013.

MajorBBS Addon CD v7.7z

TechZonk MajorBBS DOSBox

If you came here after watching the TechZonk videos here or here and want to run MajorBBS in DOSBox then download this archive: BBSV6.TechZonk.7z. Use the BBSV6 directory in the archive at instead of the old MBBS4EVER one at the 6 minute mark then ignore the steps between 6 and 16 minutes. Based on the 04/14/2014 Entertainment Edition release.

If you plan to run this long term consider using one of the VMware VM's. DOSBox is quick and easy but not suited for running MBBS 24/7.

v5.31 Master ISO Archive

The v5.31 Master ISO Archive was a package released by Blixel containing everything required to build a virgin 16 node MajorBBS v5.31 system with development kit and several game addons only available on v5.31. It is a interesting part of MajorBBS history because v5.31 did not support dynamically loaded modules and new addons must be compiled into the system.

As with the v6.25 Master ISO Archive the instructions are well written and have been used to install v5.31 on VMWare, Virtualbox and real hardware. Released 8/26/2017.

Included addons:

  • Androids!
  • Quest for Magic
  • Forbidden Lands 1: The City of Falchon
  • Forbidden Lands 2: The Vale of Grimyre
  • Sea Battle
  • Super Nova
  • Robowars II
  • Gaiasys MenuMan Expander
  • ProStar Global Commands

MajorBBS v5.31 Master ISO Archive (Link 1) MajorBBS v5.31 Master ISO Archive (Link 2)

Old Packages

Various older MajorBBS/WG DOS releases.


MBBS4EVER was an early MajorBBS attempt at a distribution geared toward running MajorBBS v6.25 under NTVDM on XP/2K/NT. It includes a pre-built BBS with MajorTCP, SwsVpkt and a set of instructions detailing how to make it all work. Released 07/07/07.

Virtual Machine Screen Shots Original Archive


mbbsbox was more or less the same pre-built BBS from MBBS4EVER running under DOSBox and distributed as a .exe installer. It includes HAL9000's Megabuild of DOSBox, a set of new menus and additional modules. Released 12/23/10.

Virtual Machine Screen Shots Original Archive


MBBS4UNIX was a VM containing Slackware 2.3 with the ever-elusive Worldgroup 1.0 for UNIX installed. Released 02/13/11.

Updated VM Screen Shots Original VM

Enabling Vircom DMA server on MajorBBS/WG DOS

Due to the diligent efforts of Nexace who runs the popular Swords of Chaos FOREVER BBS! the community now has a valid activation code for the Vircom DMA server! If you are using MBBSEE, MBBS4EVER or any other MajorBBS/WG DOS install utilizing the 94675841 registration number the activation code to enable DMA server is: DU781135

If you are unsure how to configure and/or use the DMA server read pages 428 through 441 of the MajorTCP documentation (TCP200.DOC). Be sure to visit his BBS and thank Nexace for releasing one of the most sought after pieces of the MajorBBS puzzle.

To activate the DMA server from the MajorBBS Launch screen select:
Option 3 Security & Accounting -> Option DMACODE and enter DU781135

Active BBSes

Swords of Chaos FOREVER BBS Website
The Rockville Tavern BBS
The Nexus BBS!
Tele-Arena BBS Website

MajorBBS Software Archives

BigJimSlade's archive
#bbswarez archive
WndrBr3d's archive
yohan's archive
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